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Dangerous food liquids transportation


  • pure alcohol (without package)
  • vodka (without package)
  • cognac (without package)
  • brandy (without package)
  • whiskey (without package)

The classes of dangerous liquids

  • ADR 3
  • ADR 5.1 (except the 1st packing group)
  • ADR 6.1 (except the 1st packing group)
  • ADR 8 (except the 1st packing group)
  • ADR 9

Tank brands


Technical features

  • isothermical body (ATR certificate);
  • special equipment for uploading/unloading under pressure;
  • constant cargo temperature regulation by special heaters during the process of transportation;
  • breathing valves;
  • possible vapor or liquid warming-up while unloading;
  • air compressor for unloading.

The team of drivers

More than 10 years of transportation experience, special training, all the needed admissions, special equipment for personal protection.