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How the tendency to “environmental friendliness” transform logistics industry


The term “sustainability” became very popular in all the spheres of modern business. It includes the wide range of different factors which should indicate the specific brand strategy. In all the sustainable development strategies there are three main parts: economics, ecology and society. All of them are important and cannot be realized from the mean by any modern company. However, in the sphere of logistics the theme of environmental protection is extremely popular, especially the problem of carbon emission.

According to opinion of many experts, the sphere of logistics in the near future will be the key to a global reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thanks to its unique experience and special positioning.

We want to share with you a curious report of Deutsche Post, that told about the impact of logistics and its place in the "green" movement, - "Towards sustainable logistics". Thus, according to results of this research, 63% of consumers of business services believe that it will become a major logistics instrument in motion for the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

You can see the whole report there.

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