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The drivers of the Group Companies "ProLiv" were rewarded with the diplomas of the International Road Transport Union

Vasili Matveyets , Aliaksandr Pashyk , Vasili Rusinovich and Leanid Tarnalitski received medals and honorary diplomas from the International Road Transport Union. The award has been given for 10 years (since 2005). Applicants for the award must meet the following requirements:

  • have a permanent and continuous work experience in the profession of the driver at least 20 years, not to be reprimanded by an employer;
  • work experience at last work place at least 5 years;
  • drive at least 1000000 kilometers as a professional driver in domestic or international deliveries;
  • have not been culprits of a serious road traffic accident for the last twenty years;
  • have not committed serious violations of traffic rules, customs or administrative offenses for the last 5 years.