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“Proliv” company took part in training of instructors and experts who qualifies international drivers.

Within the framework of two days training courses for instructors and experts from 9 vocational education institutions, preparing international drivers teaching staff has visited “Proliv” company base.

Meeting on the basis of the company with the founder and manager of “Proliv” company Vitaly Glinskiy became rather memorable for the instructors. Mr. Glinskiy told the guests about the peculiarities of liquid cargo transportation on which the company “Proliv” specializes. Furthermore there was a discussion devoted to the development of bulk cargo transportation and qualifying of Belarusian international drivers in vocational education institutions. Mr. Glinskiy shared his experience in training specialists for work in the field of international trucking of nutritional and chemical cargos, which the company is engaged in. Then the guests were shown an office building, a service station and a modern car wash.