How the tendency to “environmental friendliness” transform logistics industry


The term “sustainability” became very popular in all the spheres of modern business. It includes the wide range of different factors which should indicate the specific brand strategy. In all the sustainable development strategies there are three main parts: economics, ecology and society. All of them are important and cannot be realized from the mean by any modern company. However, in the sphere of logistics the theme of environmental protection is extremely popular, especially the problem of carbon emission.

Group of companies “ProLiv” and BSEU partnership: The lecture about dangerous liquids transportation for young logisticians


The management of Group of companies “ProLiv” pays great attention to the process of successful team formation, where every specialist will be able to show his experience and professionalism. HR-department of our company is often looking for new professionals. We are quite scrupulous when it concerns people which want to become a part of our team, so we spend a lot of time searching for active and initiative specialists who want to build their career in our company.

Group of companies “ProLiv” became an official sponsor of “ChemoLogic”


In the middle of March Group of companies “ProLiv” became an official sponsor of VII Annual conference “Logistics of chemical market of Russia” – ChemoLogic-2013

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