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Minimization of paper use

The project of Ecological program “EcoProLiv”: Minimization of paper use

The ecological program “EcoProLiv” of our Group of companies includes a range of projects. One of them is minimization of paper use in the office. For sure, logistics requires a great amount of documents, connected with transport process organization. In spite of basic documentation, our specialists use planners, create lists and schedules. The staff of “ProLiv” consists of more than two hundred people. So, it is easy to imagine what a huge volume of paper is needed for an active everyday job of such a company.

That’s why the top-management of our company concentrated on the problem of paper use in the office. After discussion we developed a list of recommendations for our staff which can help to reduce consumption.

From the first days of the project all the specialists of our company created a by-line in the body of all their e-mails that recommends not to print this letter without need. The printers and copying machines in our office were fitted with special announcements which remind our staff to safe resources. Every two weeks all the used paper goes to the recycling center.

The next important stage was the development of an automated document-flow. Specially for our company it was created a software that allows to form requests, plan loading and unloading of our transport, build schedules and transmit documents between the members of our stuff. It helped us to reduce paper use significantly in our company.