Group of companies “ProLiv” - Ecoproliv - Ecological program EcoProLiv

In May 2012 an ecological program “EcoProLiv” started in our company.

It includes a range of projects and actions for environmental protection, which unite all the staff for its realization.

The specialists of our company always keep strict watch on observance of transportation conditions which are necessary for environmental security. The top-management of our company from the moment of foundation took under the control the permanent vehicle fleet renovation: we do not use the tanks which are older than 5 years.

Furthermore, our tanks are washed at the specialized wash station considering individual characteristics of each product with proper neutralization and utilization of chemicals. All these factors help to minimize the risk of contamination ingress.

These ones and many others particularities are a part of our everyday job. But except minimizing of harm we also try to realize a number of projects which can provide improvement of ecological situation.

About the plans and stages of our ecological program realization you can read on related pages.