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Useful information

The types of liquid goods

Liquid goods are those liquids which can be transported in bulks. The types of liquid goods include crude oil, oil products (for example, kerosene, gasoline, diesel gas oil, ligroin, residual oil and mineral oil), food products – vegetable oil, ethanol, molasses, animal fat, and also chemicals (acids, alkalies, colourants, varnishes and other liquids).

Temporal constraints

Working-out a route of transportation logistics specialists should take into account a great amount of factors. One of them is a schedule of temporal constraints which limit overweight vehicles traffic on the European roads. Such measures are assumed in the periods when pavement is easy to harm. 

Dangerous liquid goods transportation

Dangerous goods transportation is a specific area of logistics. Its distinctive particularity is a heightened level of responsibility. Dangerous goods are those materials, products and substances which can become a reason of explosion, can also damage transport or communications, cause financial losses and harm one’s health. Such goods can also cause death, injuries, poisoning of people or animals.

The particularities of liquid goods transportation

In May 2012 an ecological program “EcoProLiv” started in our company. It includes a range of projects and actions for environmental protection, which unite all the staff for its realization.