Group of companies “ProLiv” - Sustainability


Group of companies «ProLiv»’s Sustainability program includes basic principles of strategic development of the company, which connected with realization of social, economic and environmental projects.

The activity of Group of companies “ProLiv” in the sphere of sustainability has system-based character and focuses on results. Our projects are united by the corporate strategy: all of them focus on the single goal – formation and strengthening of sustainability values in international business environment. We are sure that in the world business community the success is measured not only by the amount of profit, but also by the influence that market players have on global and local community.

Group of companies “ProLiv” strives to be in step with modern international standards in the sphere of sustainability.

The goals of Group of companies «ProLiv»’s Sustainability program are:

-  integration of the company to the world community with its aspiration to form a developed system of socially-oriented businesses;

-  creation of the example of Belarusian company, that successfully unites business effectiveness and active interest to needs of all the social groups connected with our business:

-  formation of socially-oriented behavior inside of the company, connected with necessity of strengthening of the tendency to socially-oriented business-community formation.   

In this part of the site you can read about all our projects in the sphere of corporate sustainability.